Flagship Store Valencia

Since 1943

Mariner Flagship Store, located in the social building of the old factory, opened for the first time in 1943 with an exhibition of over 1,500 m2. It houses the Mariner Museum, created in 1993 to mark the centenary of the company. In the exhibition, contemporary style coexists in perfect harmony with a large selection of complementary items, made in the purest form of artisan tradition, blended with avant-garde lines that reflect the constant interest in innovation and adaptation to new trends.

Grand Opening

Reopened in 2014

With the remodelling of its Flagship Store in 2014, Mariner makes available to its customers an innovative showroom, establishing a turning point in the brand’s experience. Mariner Flagship Store is much more than a showroom of the brand, it is a place to experience. Together with the largest exhibition of Mariner pieces and the “Mariner Museum”, the Flagship Store is a living environment which hosts interior design master classes, art exhibitions, music concerts and social and charity events.

Mariner Flagship Store

Furniture and lighting