Tributo a Gio Ponti Mariner | Colección exclusiva Gio Ponti para Mariner
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“ Beauty is the most resistant structure and the most resistant material. “ Gio Ponti


by Caterina Licitra

Mariner unveils its new collection designed by Caterina Licitra.

The collection consists of 8 pieces; the designer inspired the collection in the creativity of her

great-grandfather, Gio Ponti, a global icon who unified architecture, design and art under the universal

symbol of Italian beauty and elegance.

The pieces are manufactured with exclusive materials such as beech wood, Makassar ebony, sycamore, aluminium, steel, glass, porcelain marble, alabaster and luxurious fabrics, the colours are classic with a touch of sensual red velvet.

“I am currently designing a collection for Mariner.

It is aimed at the sophisticated tribe of young luxury nomads.”

Caterina Licitra